We know how important our mobile phones are to us in the 21st century.

We do everything on them!! We communicate with our loved ones, we play games and watch TV, we even count our calorie intake, we apply for new jobs, we record how many steps we have walked, we get lost for hours in YouTube, we take photos of special moments with our besties and run professional businesses, the list goes on.

This is why we have developed the most premium mobile phone accessory on the market, drum roll please.... (insert drum roll sound) Glow Wire!

We want to provide all of our fellow humans that love their mobile phones the same way we do with the BEST quality charging accessory that will keep them charged up all day long so they can stay connected!

Glow Wire was built for the millennia's with style, we have created a unique wire cable that is from the future!


We believe that all excellent products deserve to be made available to our customers and we stop at nothing to ensure that this happens. Not only is our brand very personal and affordable, our service is also topnotch.

Welcome to Glow Wire!